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Welcome, I’m Sarah!

I founded and created Sustainable Accessories due to the lack of affordable, quality "slow fashion" hair accessories on the market today. My goal has always been to avoid shopping fast fashion so why should my hair accessories be any different?


Earrings are made in collaboration with Mortal Hands Leather (my husband!) who turns his remnant leather materials from his small business into beautiful, simplistic and lightweight jewelry. ​


Scrunchies, headbands and hair scarves are made from upcycled secondhand clothing that is unable to be worn but has potential to be remade into something beautiful. They’re also made from thrifted fabrics and from a few of my favorite brands’ leftover remnant material to cut down on waste going into landfills. Two of those brands in particular are Jamie + the Jones who are primarily a raw silk clothing brand based out of Nashville and Notperfectlinen who is a small and conscious linen clothing brand based out of Lithuania. Both of which I have so much love and respect for and am honored to have the opportunity to work with their fabrics.


Sarah Heitkemper

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Cincinnati, OH



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